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  • SSFC2019 dates?
    San Simón Fiddle 2019 will be between Sunday 30th of June and Sunday 7th of July.
  • How do I know whether my child has been admitted?
    As long as there are free places in all levels, children are admitted once the registration form has been filled-in and the fee for the booking (€ 150) or the whole enrolment amount has been paid to the bank account of Asociación Galicia Fiddle.
  • Will I receive a proof of payment or enrolment?
    After filling the registration form you will receive a message indicating whether the application was successfully filed and as soon as we receive the payment of the booking fee (or the whole enrolment fee) we will contact you via e-mail in order to notify you regarding the child’s admission and send you relevant information about the course.
  • How can I know if there are still places available?
    We will post in the website when the different levels are closed as we process the admissions.
  • Is there a deadline to complete the enrolment?
    Yes; all registrations should be completed before 1 June with the payment of the unpaid amount, if the booking fee had been paid, or of the whole enrolment fee if there are still places available.
  • How will the groups be assigned?
    The living groups will be organised by ages; for the classes, they will be distributed according to the capacity to learn by ear, independently of the level of studies completed.
  • How many children will there be in each living group?
    And how many grown-ups in charge of the group? There will be a dedicated carer for every group of 10 children older than 12 years plus a supporting carer, and two carers for the groups under 12 years.
  • About the accommodation:
    The children will be distributed, according to their age, in three different buildings, in shared rooms, giving preference to the younger children who are afraid to sleep alone. A group of carers (teachers, coaches and other collaborators) will also sleep in each building.
  • About the teachers and carers:
    All of them are trained to give the course and the complementary activities. The group which will take care of the children comprises the teachers of the different subjects taught, both musical and others, coaches, a nurse and a lifeguard.
  • Instruments:
    Every child should bring their own, except for those enrolled in the introduction course, as we have some 20 instruments (fiddles and cellos) for them.
  • Personal items:
    We will send you all information regarding clothes, hygiene products, mobile phones, money and other items via e-mail when the enrolment is completed.