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What is the San Simón Fiddle Camp?

The SAN SIMÓN FIDDLE CAMP (SSFC) is a music course especially geared towards children where music activities are combined with leisure. The course is aimed at fiddle students who have played the instrument at least for a year. Nevertheless, in order to offer the possibility of a first approach to traditional fiddling, the SSFC will organise a group for absolute beginners, with no previous knowledge of the instrument needed. The creation of this group is restricted for Galicia Fiddle members.

In the camp four groups are set up: beginners, basic, intermediate and advance.

Applicants must be between 8 and 18 years of age.Places will be allocated strictly on a first-come first-served basis when the registration takes place.

The music activity is mainly focused on fostering the use of string instruments in traditional music, so that the students discover a new way of relating to their instrument which will allow them to enjoy creating music whatever their technical level.

Harnessing to the maximum the improvisational capacity of the participants is one of the main goals of this fiddle camp, which will open up a new and amazing musical world, as yet unknown to many of them.

In this summer camp music is transmitted orally, doing without sheet music and sharpening the children's music retaining capacity. After a few days in the isle they are able to learn a melody in a few minutes.

Leisure activities (coordinated by specialised instructors) complement the musical ones, so that the learning process becomes more entertaining and enjoyable. This way, the camp does not aim at being purely a musical course, but at joining two fundamental objectives: assisting the development of the participants as musicians and as human beings.

Nothing better than see the last year videos in order to understand what is San Simon Fiddle ...


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