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Fiddle teacher at e-Trad. Alfonso has over 17 years of experience as a dedicated traditional fiddle teacher. He has taught at Galician fiddle workshops in Canada, Scotland, Brittany, Catalonia, etc... He was invited for the second year in a row by Alasdair Fraser to teach Galician fiddle at the prestigious "SIERRA FIDDLE" in California. Alfonso has a degree in violin and a postgraduate course in traditional music from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He has an extensive experience in organising events, courses, workshops, etc. He is a frequent collaborator at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, where he has given several talks on traditional Galician fiddle. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the "SondeSeu" foundation, and the head of the fiddle section of the Sondeseu orchestra.


Multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, he began his musical studies at age 8, betwen from the Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo, whith his father Suso Pereira and the Popular Galician Workshop Instruments directed by Antón Corral, playing the bagpipe, zanfona, violin , soprano saxophone and flute. He was a member of the groups "Matto Congrio", "Berrogüetto" and was the founder "Lizgairo", with Rodrigo Romaní and Xosé Liz. He was part of bagpipes groups as "Alfolíes", "Xarabal" and the Didactic Group of Popular Musical Instruments Galician. He has collaborated with musicians and groups such as Milladoiro, The Chieftains, Los Piratas, Rodrigo Romaní, Susana Seivane, Uxía, among others. Artistic producer of the “Riobó” and “Rústica” projects with Cristina Pato, Davide Salvado and Roberto Comesaña, as a composer in 2018 he published Suite “San Martiño” on the SonDeSeu album, Beiralúa, signed the music of the Entresoños dance show, and several instrumental pieces for groups from all parts of the world. Forerunner of a technique for learning and interpretation in the zanfona of the traditional Galician repertoire, he is currently the standard of the SondeSeu Foundation, and combines his work as a zanfona teacher of the e-Trad (Municipal School of Folk and Traditional Music of Vigo ) with the coordinator of the zanfonas section of "SondeSeu".


Begoña is a well established and respected violinist of the Galician folk scene and is professor of Celtic harp in the municipal school of Vigo Folk and traditional music e-Trad. She has a degree in the History of Art from the USC, studied classical violin with Natalia Solltan, celtic harp with Rodrigo Romaní and hurdy gurdy with Anxo Pintos. She has also participated in numerous folk violin courses with Alfonso Franco, Jacky Molard, Darol Anger, Alasdair Fraser and many others. She began her professional career in 2000 as a member of Carlos Nuñez´s band, stepping onto stages and performing at festivals throughout the five continents and playing with leading figures of the folk scene such as The Chieftains, Dan Ar Braz, Solas or Sharon Shannon. She is a member of "SondeSeu" , Folk Orchestra of Galicia, and has collaborated on the tours of artists such as: Lizgairo, Anxo Lorenzo, Susana Seivane and Xosé Manuel Budiño among others. She led her own group, ‘Riobó’ from 2010 until its dissolution in 2017, with which she recorded two albums: "Riobó" (Zouma 2010) and "Quiral" (Sul 2015). She holds courses on the teaching of violin in the field of traditional music, and her participation in "Crisol de Cuerda" Fiddle Camp directed by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Hass should be noted.


Felipe Rodicio

Musicologist and bachelor in ADE. Felipe combines his artistic activity with regular teaching. He is currently working on the analysis of the microtonal scales used by blind violinists in the northwestern peninsula. Already classically trained, it was at the e-Trad where his relationship with traditional music began. As an instrumentalist, he is a member of groups such as Ghaveta, Sondeseu and the duo ‘el Ciego del Souto and Marta de Manueliño’. He has collaborated with groups such as Lagharteiras and Kerkennai among others. He coordinates several traditional violin classes in the Vigo area and is constantly learning from great fiddling Masters such as Alfonso Franco, Alasdair Fraser, Oriol Saña ...


Tere Santamaria

Teresa is a primary education teacher. She specialises in traditional singing and vocal technique. She is also a free-time activities monitor for FORCEM and has completed studies in the e-Trad school in Vigo in singing, percussion and hurdy gurdy. She has worked professionally with her voice since 1987, when she became a dubbing actress for the first films and series of Galician television (TVG). This is a profession that she continues to practice today. She is a founding member of the "SondeSeu" Folk Orchestra, with which she has recorded four albums, and also was one of the founders of the traditional music group Tanxedoras, which has just released its second album (Padre Música). Besides singing, she plays various instruments such as tambourine, pandeira, spoons, side drum, tarrañolas, tambourine ...


María Jorge

A classically trained violinist, she first came into contact with traditional music through a violin camp in which she participated as a student in the first two editions. It was her experience at that camp, San Simón Fiddle, that aroused her interest in the world of traditional music. She began her folk violin studies with Alfonso Franco at the e-Trad school in Vigo, where she finished the advanced degree in June 2018. She has received courses and masterclasses from various international artists, thus having a wide range of influences. María is currently studying a Higher Degree in General Pedagogy and Musical Language at the CSM of Vigo. In addition, she actively participates in the Galician folk scene as member of various projects such as: OFG "SondeSeu", DADGA and Caldo.


Claudia Abril

Claudia is a Higher Dietary Technician. For the last two editions of the fiddle camp she has been in charge of special diets and allergy control. She has formed a part of the San Simón Fiddle organization since its creation, being responsible for the violin initiation group. It was her experience in this camp that made her start her folk violin studies at the e-Trad in Vigo, where she is currently studying violin and tambourine. She combines these studies with those of a "Music Degree" at the University of Rioja wool (UNIR). She has participated in numerous courses and master classes held by international artists. Parallel to her studies she participates actively in the Galician folk scene performing in the group ‘DADGA’.


Hugo Franco

He began his guitar studies with Xosé Liz at the School of Traditional Music of Vigo e-Trad(2012) where he was introduced to the ‘dadgad’ guitar tuning and began his training in Folk and traditional Galician music. That same year, he attended the Sierra Fiddle Camp (California) as a student and came into contact with Scottish and Irish music. He has participated and collaborated with Alfonso Franco in several projects in China, Mexico and Costa Rica, both in workshops and concerts. Co-founder of the group DADGA (2015) with which he participated in NAFCO 2018 Aberdeen (Scotland) when presenting his first album. Hugo has collaborated in different courses and camps focused on the teaching of traditional music (Tropical Fiddle), and also in other groups such as Entre Trastes.


Marina Carpente

A graduate in biology and classically trained violinist. She began her studies at Mayeusis where she received a professional music degree and continued at the e-Trad, studying folk violin with Alfonso Franco. She's a member of the Folk Orchestra "SondeSeu"and "DADGA" quartet, formations with which she participated in the Celtic Connections Festival (Glasgow, 2019) and North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (Aberdeen, 2018). She attended the Barcelona Fiddle Congress (2016, 2018) receiving lessons from Casey Driessen, Darol Anger, Oriol Saña, Martin Melendez ... She has also participated in numerous master classes with international and peninsular artists.


Rosa Miguez

Formed in classical violin at the Conservatory of Redondela with professor Natalia Soltan, she came into contact with traditional Galician music since her childhood in the Soutomaior Dance and Pandereteras Group. Graduated in Physiotherapy and with a Master's degree in Musicology (Hispanic Music) at the University of Salamanca, she developed part of her professional career in various functional reeducation centers in France. He currently combines his work as a physiotherapist with the advanced degree of folk violin in the e-Trad de Vigo with maestro Alfonso Franco, being also a violinist of the Folk "SondeSeu" Orchestra. Also, she is about to finish his studies in Primary Education in the specialty of music.


Marta Roma

Marta has a Degree in Instrument Pedagogy (ESMUC 2011), a Performance Diploma from Berklee College of Music (Boston 2014) and Master (Summa Cum Laude) in Music Contemporary Performance at the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz Institute (Boston 2016). Her pedagogical work experience was done at the Fedujazz Foundation of the Dominican Republic, also working on the production of the XX Dominican Republic Jazz Festival 2016). She has collaborated with artists such as Gary Burton, A.R Rahman, Susana Baca, Danilo Perez and Jarabe de Palo, among others. Her work has led her to travel around the world: the Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil, Japan, etc., building her own artistic path transcending stylistic and cultural boundaries with her instrument. She is currently developing her pedagogical and artistic career in Barcelona where she has just released her first solo album "Per Semper".